Everyone would agree on the fact that universe is pure energy

This energy is changing it’s form every passing moment. In fact it’s also changing it’s form with every coordinate change in the space time.

Single unit

It’s a continuous and complete graph of energy variations. We can only observe what is present. Considering that there’s a single unit of variating energy which can represent everything happened till now since The Big Bang.

The other part of the universe

There’s another part to this single unit which completes it. It’s called the future.

With every passing moment. More of this graph is getting revealed.

What we already known, we can plot with solid lines. So, every next moment we are defining more solid line graph.

Now think carefully. Do you really know precisely about event past event? And the answer is No. There are gazillions of thing we don’t know about the past. So, more accurately, this graph can be plotted as this:

The dashed part of past are the parts we are not certain about. In fact you could also plot some parts of future in solid we know some of our future events with high possibility.


Consider the dashness of the line to be a continuous function instead of a binary function. i.e. The line is not only in 2 states — solid and dashed.

It exists in all the states possible between a solid and a dashed line. Say we can say that the line of 1 hour in future is 90% solid because we can say with fair certainty what will happen in the next hour. And the line 4 years in future is probably only 50% solid. And the line 500 years in future is only 2% solid.

In addition to the 4 dimensions that we know about very well — length, breadth, height, time often known collectively as spacetime, the 5th dimension is dashness or uncertainty.

Limitations of human perspective

Right now I’m sitting at my house. I zoom out, I’m sitting in my city, Zoom out, sitting on Earth and then Milky Way and The Local Group and clusters and so on.

If we want to know some information about these large scale cosmos, then we need to dilate the time. The time it takes light to travel from a distant place in cosmos to us can be 1000s or millions or billions of years. So things we observe now actually happened millions of years ago, when humans were not born. Some of the galaxies we see in the sky don’t even exist now.

We are unable to look far deep into our universe without dilating time, the 4th dimension.

Not just we have a limited perspective when looking far out in universe in the 3d. It is so limited that, at a point, we start mix the space and time. i.e. we start to mix 3 dimensions with the 4th.

You can either look out 1000 light years away in past. Or you can look at 1 meters away right now. It is simply not possible to look 1000 light years away in present. That’s our limitation. There’s a boundary of spacetime, outside which we can not look.

The boundary of the space time is what makes our observable universe


So does it mean that the universe we know as human species is nothing but an amoeba in the above graph! Probably Yes!

To look outside the amoeba walls, we need more perspective power. We can’t se or predict it. We can only imagine.

Whether we have the power or not, the universe still exists outside it.

We see the time dilation only when looking at distances like light years. But when looking at something in our house, or looking at someone next to you or an ant on the diary, we rarely think about time dilation.

The ant could have stayed on my diary longer in some unobservable universe.

I know that this ant was on my diary 2 mins ago.

I’m so certain about the space where ant was.

The diary is still in my hands. I just can’t go back in time and look at the ant sitting there.

But when looking at galaxies, I have only the perspective of the past.

So places near to us exist in present and places far from us exist in past according to our limited perspective.

We can only predict the future, we can’t see it.

Similarly we can only predict the present of a distant galaxy, can’t see it.

The whole system that we can predict is actually that amoeba.

My Grandma’s perspective

About 60 years back, when my grandma used to think that the earth is help on a bull’s horn and earth quakes come when he shifts the horn. That was her limited perspective.

The amoeba of that perspective will be of different shape.

My grandma’s perspective would be drawn like this:

In her case, the beginning of the universe was different, because she thought that the universe probably started with the big bull or the big shang.

Which is different in my perspective. Take a look at below graphs for comparison of different perspectives.

My current view is formed by my surroundings which was affected by a billions of amoebas before me.

Which means that these billions of amoebas exchanged energy between them.


These billions of amoebas exchanged energies. This was the energy of consciousness. Our consciousnesses are interacting all the time. So, all these amoebas are connected together on a 6th dimension, which is consciousness or the exchange of energies.

Quantum physics says that we change what we observe. When we are observing the universe according to a single perspective, we are changing it. We are changing it according to our amoeba shape. The shape of my amoeba was formed by billions of amoebas before me.

So some person who walked the earth 200 years ago is still changing the universe indirectly through my amoeba.

Now, consider all the amoebas, who ever contributed to the any amoeba today, together. It makes a whole human species universal perspective.

This whole human species perspective will look like an amoeboid.

We only know a certain kind of consciousness.

Only a few years back we got to know that plants and trees also communicate between each other.

We got to know about another type of consciousness.

We assume that the only energy exchanges we see and can observe are conscious.

But what if Sun and Earth exchanged energies and gave birth to the life as we know it!

That must have been a different consciousness.

These energy exchanges happen through the 6D graph of space, time, uncertainty and consciousness in a continuous way.

Energy is then a whole single unit which exists throughout these 6 dimensions.

So ,we can say something like this: Energy = spacetime X uncertainty X consciousness

This is just one amoeba saying that “Universe is pure energy”

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